Romance and Dating Scams

A scam is a misleading, deceptive, deceitful, or tricky scheme usually used to cheat someone out of something usually money, goods, or emotions.

Millions of people visit online sites for romance and dating all over the world. They look for companionship or a soul mate or just to share their emotions. On special occasions like Valentine’s Day, the criminals/scammers look for vulnerable, lonely, and emotionally unhappy people on these sites to make fast money through a variety of scams.

Many people scroll the internet, while some download different apps for romance and dating. Romance and dating scammers use chat rooms and social media sites for searching for the romantic victim. These scammers usually target women over 40+ who are widowed, divorced, or disabled.

How does the scam work?

These scams occur when scammers use a fake identity to gain the victim’s trust and affection. The scammer then creates an illusion of a close relationship or romance. This is done to steal the victim.

The scammers who carry out romance and dating scams are experts in creating such an image in your mind that they are caring, real, and trustworthy. They are sweet talkers.

The intention of the scammer is to develop a friendly relationship with the victim and gain his/her trust as quickly as possible. The scammer shows that he is very affectionate towards the victim and approves your likes and dislikes. The scammer will be very compassionate towards you.

Scammers may propose you an idea to meet face to face or propose marriage. But, actually, they never meet in person. They will find some excuse and avoid meeting the victim in person. Later on, when he gains your trust and a little bit of friendship is developed he/she will ask you for money.

Scammers often say that they are abroad due to some official work. This excuse makes it easier to avoid meeting the victim in person. Later on, for some medical emergency that he/she is facing abroad, he/she will request you to deposit money in his account.

In case when you meet someone online and need your bank details possibly he is using your account to execute a theft or fraud scheme.

How to avoid romance and dating scams?

  • Be careful when you post anything on the public domain at any given site or social media. From the details that you share on social media, scammers use this very detail to target you.
  • Research the photo, name of the person, etc. that you get from the scammer, using online searches. Scammers pick up photos and other detail online and post them as theirs. Note the accent of the person whom you are romancing/dating.
  • Proceed slowly and gradually with your relationship. If possible, pose as many questions to the caller about his personal life. Scammers hate sharing their details with anyone.
  • Scammer prefers to communicate with you directly and not through romance/dating sites or any other social media.
  • Scammers will try to separate you from your family members, friends, and contacts. They do this so that you solely depend on him. The scammer may also demand your unsuitable photographs or videos. Many scammers ask you directly/indirectly for your financial information that they will use to extort money from you in the future.
  • Be alert when someone says he/she wants to meet you in person and later on comes up with an excuse why he/she cannot meet you. If you are unable to meet the person personally after a few months of the relationship, be suspicious.
  • Never ever, send money to anyone with whom you have only communicated online or on mobile but have not met face to face.

We can help you if you are a victim of online romance/dating.

If you are a victim of romance/dating fraud/scam, you can contact us at 192 N Cities Service Hwy APT 6, Sulphur, LA 70663. You can even call us at +1 601 952 8830, or email us at You can also file a complaint and send us. We are there to help you recover your funds lost to romance/dating scams.

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