Lucenteq always keeps on investigating the latest possible scam brokers from all regions of the world. The aim is to keep visitors updated about the latest scam alerts so that the traders invest only with genuine brokers. There are thousands of cases of Forex scams, Bitcoin scams, Investment scams, Romance scams, Pension scams, Pet scams and others every year. The money lost is huge in these scams and this is a serious loss to economy as well. We have researched real user reviews, read alerts and warnings from almost all the major regulating bodies like ASIC from Australia, CySec from Cyprus, FCA from UK , FMA Newzealand, and many others. We have created a unique list of Blacklisted brokers 2022 from those hard inputs . We keep on updating this list so that no scam broker is left from our list. If you are scammed by any scam broker from this list or from a broker outside this list also, File a complaint with Lucenteq. Lucenteq guarantees an honest help through a Free Consultation. We are against scammers and always strive best to bring justice for the victims of scams.

List of Blacklisted Brokers 2022


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Meme Club Review

Sytrex Trade Review

FVP Trade Securities

TriumphFX Review

Absolute Markets



Wells Trade Option

OptionFx Trade


Cang Limited


Xinhao International Limited


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