Bitaroma Review

Bitaroma Review: Is it really safe to invest with Bitaroma?

Bitaroma Website:

Address: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Warned By: Commissione Nazionale per le Società e la Borsa (Italy)

Introduction to Bitaroma Review:

The trade industry is a thriving market. To be able to survive in the market and keep your name in one of the bests is no easy task. This is the reason why brokerage firms engage in such a competition to be the number one. However, amidst the regulated brokerage firms, many unregulated scam brokers also enter the market to trap the potential traders in their brutal scams. These are the brokers you should avoid. Such scammers enter the market secretively and lure innocent traders to waste all their money by investing with them. Bitaroma is one such broker that we received a lot of complaints about. In this Bitaroma review, we will be presenting all the red flags that we found during our investigation of Bitaroma. Read the full Bitaroma Review to know more.

About Bitaroma

Is Bitaroma a regulated brokerage firm?

Although Bitaroma claims to be a regulated brokerage firm on their website, a little investigation into the legitimacy of this firm cleared all our doubts. Bitaroma is UNREGULATED and is clearly lying to mislead the public and potential customers. This is a major red flag against the Bitaroma scam in this Bitaroma review.

Is Bitaroma blacklisted by any regulation?

The Italian Regulation, CONSOB has issued a warning against Bitaroma stating it to be a potential scam and an unauthorized firm. The regulation warns its citizens to avoid trading or investing money with Bitaroma as it is not safe. Being blacklisted by regulation is another major red flag against the Bitaroma scam in this Bitaroma review.

What is the leverage provided by Bitaroma?

Regulated brokerage firms always provide small leverage as high leverage may induce unnecessary risk on the customers. In many countries, the limit set on the leverage that can be provided is sealed at 1:30 and 1:50. Scam brokers often provide very high leverages to lure in customers. In Bitaroma’s case, upon searching on their website, we found that Bitaroma does not reveal vital information such as leverage, spreads, etc. to their customers. In order to check these, we need to register ourselves with their firm.

Conclusion: Is Bitaroma a scam broker or a legitimate one?

After all the red flags are given above, we leave it upon you to decide whether Bitaroma is a scam broker or a legitimate broker. However, we must warn you to stay away from this potential scam broker.

How to Protect yourself from such scams?

Even though the trade market is an excellent opportunity to earn more, the scammers in the market make it difficult for the traders to invest and earn profits. One way to avoid scammers is to read our scam broker reviews daily. If you have been scammed by Bitaroma or any other scam broker, file a complaint with us and we will help you recover your funds ASAP. For more such interesting scam broker reviews, visit our website. Read our latest review on Etoro SB Limited scam, to know the variety of red flags they pose.

Etoro SB Limited Review

Etoro SB Limited Review: Is Etoro SB Limited a scam broker or a regulated one?

Etoro SB Limited Website:

Address: N/A

Warned By: Financial Conduct Authority (United Kingdom)

Introduction to Etoro SB Limited Review:

The trade market is a great opportunity for potential traders to explore and earn profits on the side with a little bit of hustle. Once you have the right firm beside you, trading will be made easy. However, the trade market is like a bed full of roses. It’s not all petals, but thorns too. Due to the huge profits generated by the trade industry, scammers find all the loopholes possible to enter the industry. Despite the strict measures taken by the governments to keep the scam brokers out of the industry, hundreds of innocent traders end up getting scammed and losing all of their money to these scam brokers. To help you avoid these scam brokers, we are here with yet another scam broker review. Etoro SB Limited claims to be one of the best in the market but further investigation proved that it’s not what it claims to be. Read the full Etoro SB Limited review to know more about Etoro SB Limited. For more such reviews, visit our website at Lucenteq.

About Etoro SB Limited:

Although, at first, Etoro SB Limited seemed like a genuine website. After further investigation, all the red flags unfolded in front of us. Read on to know more about the red flags hoisted by Etoro SB Limited.

Is Etoro SB Limited regulated by any of the regulators?

Etoro SB Limited cleverly attempts to fool all the traders by claiming to be regulated by some of the most reputed regulators that operate around the world. IT also puts up license numbers on the website which is deceiving as when we checked with the regulations, the licenses did belong to eToro. However, a loophole here is that Etoro SB Limited is an exact clone firm of a regulated company that goes by the same name.  Etoro SB Limited has stolen all the license numbers of the original and regulated company and claimed it as their own.

Is Etoro SB Limited blacklisted?

The Financial Conduct Authority or the FCA of the UK (United Kingdom) has issued a warning against Etoro SB Limited claiming it to be a clone firm of an FCA authorized brokerage firm. The FCA further asks its citizens to be extremely cautious and away from Etoro SB Limited as it might be a scam.

Conclusion: Is Etoro SB Limited a scam?

We leave it upon you to decide whether you want to trade with Etoro SB Limited or not. However, we must warn you that Etoro SB Limited is a potential scam and it is not safe to trade with Etoro SB Limited.

How to protect yourself from such scams?

The trade industry is a risky place. To function in this industry, one must be cautious of their surroundings and the brokerage firms that they are dealing with. One way to avoid the scams is to read our scam broker reviews regularly so that you can identify one too. If you have been scammed by Etoro SB Limited scam or any such scam broker, file a complaint here and we will help you out.

Kapital Trade Review

Kapital Trade Review 2022: Is Kapital Trade a scam broker or a legitimate one?

Kapital Trade Website:

Address: 134 Lots Rd 7th floor, SW10 0RJ, London, United Kingdom

Warned By: Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (Spain)

Introduction to Kapital Trade Review

If you have been trading in the industry for some time, we are sure you might have heard of scam brokers. Scam brokers enter the market stealthily and attempt to trap innocent victims in their deadly scams. With the promises of guaranteed profits and instant returns, they catch hold of their victims and make them deposit as much money as they can. Once the victim deposits all the cash, the scammer goes MIA (missing in action) without leaving any trace of its whereabouts or the company’s existence. This has happened and is happening to many innocent traders around the world. We, at Lucenteq, are working towards putting an end to this. By publishing scam brokers every day we are not only enabling our readers in protecting themselves from these brutal scams but we are also helping them in identifying the red flags posed by the scammers. Read the full Kapital Trade review to know more about it.

About Kapital Trade

Is Kapital Trade regulated?

Upon visiting their website, we realized that Kapital Trade has claimed to be located in London. To operate as a legitimate brokerage firm in the United Kingdom, the firm must have a license from the Financial Conduct Authority. Upon checking with the FCA, it was made clear to us that Kapital Trade does not have a license from the FCA. Therefore, it is clear that Kapital Trade is unregulated and is possibly lying about its location as well.

Is Kapital Trade blacklisted?

As it is clear that Kapital Trade is unregulated, we started checking with other regulations for any warnings issued or blacklisted. It was found that the Spanish National Securities Council, commonly known as the CNMV, has issued a warning against Kapital Trade and stated that the company is unregulated. It further warns its public to be cautious and avoid dealing with Kapital Trade. This is a huge red flag against the Kapital Trade scam in this Kapital Trade review.

What is the leverage provided by Kapital Trade?

By now, we are sure that Kapital Trade is hiding something. TO confirm our suspicions, Kapital Trade provides leverage of 1:500 to its clients. One must know that due to the risk associated with high leverages, many countries have set the limit of offering leverages at 1:30 and 1:50. In such a situation, Kapital Trade offering such high leverage clearly indicates that Kapital Trade wants its customers to lose.

What are the trading conditions at Kapital Trade?

Kapital Trade does not disclose its trading conditions to the general public. If we need to look at them, we must register ourselves. This is yet another red flag as basic information must be made public for everyone to see and assess.

Conclusion: Is Kapital Trade a scam broker or a legitimate one?

After going through all the red flags hoisted above, we leave it to you to decide whether Kapital Trade is a scam broker or not. We must warn you to beware of the illegal practices of Kapital Trade before putting in your money. If you have been scammed by Kapital Trade, file a complaint and we will help you.

Zilton Capital Review

Zilton Capital Review

Zilton Capital Website:

Address: 147c Cromwell Rd Kensington, London, United Kingdom, SW5 0TH

Warned By: Securities and Exchange Commission (USA)

When you trade online, the most significant thing you need is trust. It is essential to know if your broker is genuine or a scam. Staying away from potential brokers scam like Zilton Capital and reading the Zilton Capital review is most significant because even if you trade with the best-exchanging systems and information, you can, out of nowhere, lose all your profit with a scam broker. Read a review below to know more about the Zilton Capital scam.

About Zilton Capital

Zilton Capital is an online broker with a workplace situated in the United Kingdom. The broker website is not in a working condition. When the site was functional, the broker professed to be comprised of an expert and experienced group of merchants members who offered to exchange Crypto and binary options.

Zilton Capital oversaw records or money growth strategies with expected month-to-month benefits by trading cryptocurrencies and binary options. But, we have a few intense worries about the authenticity of the specialist, so before you plan to invest your money with them, have a complete search about the broker.

Is Zilton Capital A Legit Broker?

“NO” Zilton Capital is not a legitimate broker. The broker get warned by the USA’s SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission). The regulatory warn the public to make them aware of the way of scam brokers trade without permitting and not taking a chance with putting any assets with the association. It focuses on the way that a Zilton Capital scam was being executed.

In this way, we may securely presume that Zilton Capital is a mysterious unregulated business, which is one of the most horrendously awful situations in the web-based trading world.

Offer Unrealistic Returns

Zilton Capital guarantees up to 80% month-to-month benefits, which are unrealistic. According to the survey, businesses directed in the European Union ordinarily pronounce that 70% – 80% of their clients lose cash.

Thus, financial backers have to be particularly careful about such ridiculous guarantees of simple and high returns. It is exceptionally average of trick intermediaries.

No Demo Account

One more issue with this broker is – the broker does not offer a demo account. You would anticipate that a representative should offer a demo account to beginners. The absence of a demo account implies the specialist is covering something. As far as we might be aware, these scammers don’t have a known exchange platform. Indeed, their exchange platform is obscure.

Fake Reviews

The broker took the help of fake reviews as they are essentially words with no verification. These reviews come from fake names that guarantee to get the outstanding profit and blessed by getting such a platform. It is one of the common strategies used by a scam broker.

Zilton Capital Review – Conclusion

After checking all realities introduced, it is clear that Zilton Capital is a scam. It guarantees unrealistic returns, yet doesn’t uncover significant parts of its proposition. Avoid this broker and caution your loved ones to stay away from such scammers.

If you lost cash because of a Zilton Capital scam, then it’s essential to make a move as early as possible to recover your lost funds. You can file a complaint with Lucenteq to recover your lost money from a scam broker.

VideForex Review

VideForex Review

We investigate VideForex and its website. We do not recommend any trader/public to do any commerce with them. The reason, we hereby publish the VideForex Review. In this VideForex Review, you will learn about broker scams and ways to avoid yourself from these scams.

VideForex Website:

Address: Seychelles

Warned By: Not Recommended by Lucenteq

VideForex – an offshore forex broker based in Seychelles, is operating since 2017. This broker works as a component of the Vanuatu-based Finance Group Corporation. If we talk about trading, Videforex is certainly not a safe Forex broker since it doesn’t hold a license from any genuine Forex authority. Videforex is suspected as a scam broker since it never observed its well-being and may operate the business according to its wish. Check the full VideForex review to know more about its scam.

VideForex Review

Videforex offers Forex, Options, and CFD trading and ensures the clients can trade from any gadget, with a most significant level of safety and scope of withdrawals/funding techniques. But, the broker lacks regulation which is the major RED FLAG. Check out the points below that makes you think twice while choosing the broker.

VideForex Review: Regulation

Videforex is an unregulated and offshore forex scam broker. Offshore brokers aren’t the most tenable trading accomplices, yet when you consolidate this with the absence of regulations, you end up with a risky combo. The security of your funds with such an organization will continuously be uncertain.

VideForex Review: Trading Details

The website design of VideForex may attract some people, but trading details are missing on its website. Genuine brokers mention leverage ratios, target spreads, assets offered, and more.

VideForex Negative Reviews

Web search is filled with VideForex negative reviews. According to one of its previous investors – VideForex took all the money he invested. The investor transferred around $5,000 and earned $1,280. When he needed to withdraw cash, the broker deleted his account. He was unable to sign into his account. Even the support team did not bother to help him and totally ignore his complaint.

VideForex Review: Web-based platform

The manner in which you trade with this broker is typical. The connection point looks exceptionally shortsighted, but progressed graphing is accessible after you click a couple of buttons. Duplicate exchanging is likewise given, yet given the service status of this organization putting resources into a broker on their platform will be unsafe.

VideForex Web-based platform

VideForex is an offshore and unregulated forex broker that follows a fascinating approach to tricking clients. The trading conditions and strategies are inconvenient, and the broker gives no information about its exchange conditions and location. Every regulated broker keeps this data straightforward for their clients. The absence of these subtleties typically tells that the organization is planning something terrible.

There are numerous inquiries concerning the way they trade online. According to the conclusion – the way of their trading is not safe, and you may lose your money.

If you fell into the VideForex scam and are looking for a solution to get out of it, contact Lucenteq. We are an investigative and consulting platform helping victims of online fraud to get their money back. We will help you to recover your lost money from a scam broker.

Also, we firmly advise investors and traders to pick only genuine and regulated brokers for trading as they are safe and trustworthy.

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