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Finvestings Address – Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, MARSHALLS ISLAND, 96960

Warnings Against Finvestings – Financial Conduct Authority (United Kingdom) 

We investigate Finvestings and its website. We do not recommend any trader/public to do any commerce with them. The reason, we hereby publish the Finvestings Review. In this Finvestings Review, you will learn about broker scams and ways to avoid yourself from these scams.

Finvestings Review

There are two websites in their name, and and both are not working or have closed down. Their email ID is They are located at Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Marshalls Island, 96960. Many websites have put up this address. The company Finvestings is a brand of SanaKo Service Ltd. Their contact nos. are +442030977707 and +41224246000 (both nos. are in the UK.)

They have a suspicious regulatory license. They are offshore and located at Marshalls Island. Marshalls Island does not regulate its forex market. Marshalls Island, SVG (St Vincent and the Grenadines), and Dominicaare one of the worst offshore jurisdictions. Though they are into crypto, fiat, and stocks, their main object is trading crypto. These are HYIP (high yield investment programs) websites and are recognized for scamming people.

Most of their patrons are in Europe (Finland) and USA. On their website, they claim that their services are mainly directed at Finnish people but operate throughout the world. The company has been warned by FSMA (Belgium), FCA (U.K.), and BCSC (Canada). The company is unregulated, blacklisted, and offshore.

According to the website, JaniLyytinen is the CEO and founder. EetuHamalainen is the company’s COO and co-founder. Their vision is to grow quickly into Finland’s most respectable firm.

Finvestings Review: Trading Software

The company provides access to MT4 software which is a leading trading platform. The software is famous for its influential automated component.

The leverage offered is too high and is 1:400. It is very high compared to what most regulatory bodies allow. Offering high leverage is common with scammers. High leverage means your funds are not safe.

Finvestings Review: Withdrawal and Deposits

The company accepts deposits through credit card and wire transfers. Payments through a credit card are better as you can file a chargeback.

If you wish to withdraw your profits or bonuses the trader/investor needs to execute an impossible turnover. Like to claim a bonus of $200 the trader/investor should have a turnover of $ 5 million. Is it fair?

There are withdrawal fees also, but it is not mentioned anywhere on the website. The scammers never miss an opportunity to bleed traders/investors dry with all sorts of hidden fees.

Finvestings Review: How the scam works?

The investor/trader stumbles upon an ad that promises easy and quick profits or something like that. The investor/trader follows the ad by clicking it to know more about such an opportunity and reaches the scammer’s website, in this case, Finvesting’s site. The site will prompt you to leave your number or email. Once Finvestingsgets your number, they will call you frequently and convince you to deposit an amount.

If the trader/investor invests, more and more money will be demanded from them. This will go on till the trader/investor realizes that he has been deceived. At this point, the trader/investor will stop depositing money and will ask for a withdrawal. Off course, the scammer will not allow withdrawal and will simply cut all communication with the victim and move on to the next target.

Facing problems withdrawing funds from Finvestings?

If you have any issues or facing withdrawing problems of your hard-earned money from Finvestings contact us. Our team of scam-busting experts will help you recover your money from Finvestings. We are a consulting and investigating service provider. We are experts in tracking down digital fingerprints and performing cyber analysis.

File a complaint with us if you have been deceived by Finvestings. We will help you recover your funds easily. Or get a free consultation from us. Our aim is to weed out scammers and con artists.

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