Helius Capital Limited is headquartered in Singapore’s financial centre. They assist institutional as well as retail investors in forex trading. To achieve the investor’s goal, they provide their clients with information and data on international markets through their trading platform.

Helius Capital Ltd.’s values are to provide the client with the best possible service. They also believe in being innovative, flexible and act responsible. They value upholding integrity and ethics all the way through the industry.

Helius Capital Limited Review : Changing URL issue

Helius Capital Limited is impersonating itself as a legitimate broker but the company’s agenda is quite different.

Previously they were using the URL https://www.helius.live/ but at present, this scam broker is using https://www.helius.pro/en/index.html as its URL. Email ID is heliuscapitallimited@gmail.com.

Helius Capital Limited provides forex-related services and is listed as a forex trading scam. Helius Capital is a dubious and crooked broker who will rip off your funds and leave you irritated.

Helius Capital Limited: Website

The website is professionally designed and is attractive at first sight. There is no information provided on the site about who the owners are and the company’s executive staff.

Helius Capital Limited offers MT4 software, a fully licensed version where one can trade various instruments and assets. Some key features of MetaTrader software are that it accepts multiple order types, has a market watch window, and has 85 pre-installed indicators that help the trader. There is an analysis tool inbuilt into the software, multiple chart setups, and automated trading and order execution capabilities.

Helius Capital Limited Scam

The company is displaying fake details just to lure investors/traders to make an initial deposit and it is a red flag for the public.

Though the company is based in Singapore they have mentioned its address as 33 Holborn, London EC1N 2HT, it has general licenses from the National Futures Association of the US derivative industry. It has a common financial service license.

Seems odd, just think a company is based in Singapore and has a general license from the USA, but the address provided is in the UK. How absurd? Note it does not have a forex trading license but is offering forex trading. Even phone number is not provided, how can clients will able to communicate with them.

Since the broker is not regulated it can disappear at any time without notification. The unregulated brokers abuse trading regulations and they are also not true to the services they claim to provide.

Check for Helius Capital Limited reviews and feedback on different sites on the internet before investing. It has a low rating on several online platforms that point out that it has a negative reputation among investors/traders.

Your funds are not safe with Helius Capital Limited as the firm has not provided any banking information on its site. FCA has issued a warning against Helius Capital Limited and it cannot promote its business in the UK and target UK citizens.

The broker offers to trade in forex, gold, oil, CFD, and many more.

Helius Capital Limited Languages

Languages supported by the broker are Bulgarian, Chinese, Dutch, Czech, Danish, English, Finnish, German, French, Hungarian, Norwegian, Korean, Polish, Italian, Japanese, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Romanian, Swedish, Slovenian, Spanish, and Ukrainian.

Unable to withdraw your money from Helius Capital Limited?

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