Indigo Capitals Website:

Address: St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Warned By: National Securities Market Commission (Spain)

Introduction to Indigo Capitals Review

At the first glance, Indigo Capitals seems like any other regulated brokerage firm with a well-made website and promises that match the other legitimate brokerage firms. However, a second glance at the website and a close read of the terms and conditions were enough for us to identify the secrets Indigo Capitals beholds behind their deceiving website. One of the common tricks of the scammers is to be an identical clone of a regulated firm or to copy the firm’s outlook and claim it as theirs. To protect our dedicated readers from such brutal scams, we are here with one scam broker review every day. In today’s Indigo Capitals review, we will investigate and uncover the red flags they possess.

About Indigo Capitals

Is Indigo Capitals a regulated brokerage firm?

Indigo Capitals claims to be the brainchild of another company the name of Omegaistic LLC. Furthermore, Indigo Capitals claims to be based out of the United Kingdoms since 2020. For a brokerage firm to be based and operating out of the United Kingdom, a license from the Financial Conduct Authority is necessary. Upon searching for a license under Indigo Capitals and Omegaistic LLC, we were unable to find any. Hence, it is confirmed that Indigo Capitals is an UNREGULATED firm.

Have Indigo Capitals been blacklisted by any regulation?

The Spanish financial regulator, CNMV has also issued a warning against Indigo Capitals stating the company to be unauthorized and a potential scam. This gives us a red flag against the Indigo Capitals scam in this Indigo Capitals Review.

What trading conditions do Indigo Capitals provide?

This is where Indigo Capitals started showing its true colors. Upon visiting their website, we were unable to access the vital information unless making an account. Even after making the account, Indigo Capitals didn’t show their trading conditions and trading platform without verifying the account. Even though verification of the account is a common measure taken by almost all the companies in the trade industry, verification, in this case, will prove to be risky for the customers as it can be used against them in the future.

What is the leverage offered by Indigo Capitals?

Indigo Capitals doesn’t reveal any of their trading conditions until the verification of the account is done. However, from the promises and offers given on their website, we found out that Indigo Capitals offers leverage up to 1:400 which is much higher than what the regulated brokerage firms offer. One must never accept such high leverage as it can lead to the trader losing their money.

Conclusion: Is Indigo Capitals a scam or legit?

We leave it upon you to decide whether Indigo Capitals is a scam or a legitimate brokerage firm. However, given that Indigo Capitals has already been blacklisted by a regulation authority, it is not safe to trade with them. If you have been scammed by Indigo Capitals or any other brokerage firm, file a complaint with us and we will help you out by giving solutions for fund recovery.