Xifra Global Website – https://xifraglobal.com/

Xifra Global Address – N/A

Warnings Against Xifra Global – The National Securities Market Commission (Spain)

We investigate Xifra Global and its website. We do not recommend any trader/public to do any commerce with them. The reason, we hereby publish the Xifra Global review.

Introduction of Xifra Global

From different internet sources, we came to know that Jim Harstad is the CEO of the fraud company Xifra Global.

Xifra Global on their website https://xifraglobal.com/ claims that they are a technology company and are the leader in disruption and innovation in new markets. Their Facebook page address is https://www.facebook.com/xifralifestyle, their Instagram account is https://www.instagram.com/xifraglobal.gt/?hl=en, YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO7vIde05Ee4HF0oxTODZsw, the Twitter account is https://twitter.com/xifralifestyle. The company which has several verticals can be contacted at +523328106395 +523328380710 +523328393877 +523330046893 +19494197666 +523329142696 +19494183442 +523328394305 +523328134548 +523321615716 +523330100168 +523329532570 +19497483550 and +523329533004. They have not displayed their Email ID anywhere.

The company’s mission is to create an opportunity for an individual to grow financially and professionally by providing financial education, tools, and technology to improve the quality of life that investors are living.

Further people from all over the world can use this opportunity to make a higher income.

The company’s vision is to develop cutting-edge financial models with the most efficient technology and the largest one in the industry. This they can build through talent, leadership, and innovation of the people within the organization. Innovation and technology are the primary ingredients of their entire infrastructure.

They aim to develop a technological culture in their organization that helps create an environment for fostering creativity, innovation, and development in each of their creative processes. They believe in constantly updating each of their platform which brings them to the forefront in each area of operations.

They believe in creating a collaborative economy through the mix of their ecosystem that allows them to build their business models worldwide and expand simultaneously.

They are working on three different verticals like trading, real estate dealing, and hemp cultivation/farming.


The company believes that algorithm trading is the present and future of all financial markets. They have developed their artificial intelligence which makes them the pioneer in the industry.

Real Estate

The company believes that diversification is one of the best and safest capital protection strategies. The company offers the investor an option to receive their rewards from different services the company provides through the purchase of the real estate at a pre-sale price thereby building up a sustainable long-term wealth.

Hemp cultivation/farming

Hemp farming is a new multimillion-dollar industry and it allows investors to purchase land for viable farming/cultivation of medical cannabis. The investor need not worry about planting, caring for, and harvesting medical cannabis. The company plants seeds grow the crop and the investor reaps the benefits.

The company, Xifra Global, claims that for creating wealth the journey of any investor starts with them. They know what the present trends of the market are, and in which direction will they proceed. The company positions itself in the direction of popular trends. The company’s technical team works on new standards of development and marks a new generation of economic models. In this way, they remain a new, advanced, experimental, and innovative company.

Why not work with Xifra Global?

  • It deals in finance but has no regulatory approval or approved licenses in any country in the world.
  • The Spanish regulatory authority, Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV) has issued a warning to the public not to deal with Xifra Global as of 22nd June 2022.
  • They are even dealing in the farming/cultivation of medical cannabis, in most countries it is an illegal activity. And you unknowingly become a part of illegal activity.
  • The owner, CEO, and chief executives staff of the company are not declared anywhere on the website.
  • The business model is not clear and leaves many questions unanswered.
  • There is not much focus on selling/marketing anything. It is a securities fraud and you make money out of those new members whom you have conned into joining. You will be punished by many countries’ laws, conning people, when you promote their schemes.

We at Lucenteq are there to help you

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