Etoro SB Limited Website:

Address: N/A

Warned By: Financial Conduct Authority (United Kingdom)

Introduction to Etoro SB Limited Review:

The trade market is a great opportunity for potential traders to explore and earn profits on the side with a little bit of hustle. Once you have the right firm beside you, trading will be made easy. However, the trade market is like a bed full of roses. It’s not all petals, but thorns too. Due to the huge profits generated by the trade industry, scammers find all the loopholes possible to enter the industry. Despite the strict measures taken by the governments to keep the scam brokers out of the industry, hundreds of innocent traders end up getting scammed and losing all of their money to these scam brokers. To help you avoid these scam brokers, we are here with yet another scam broker review. Etoro SB Limited claims to be one of the best in the market but further investigation proved that it’s not what it claims to be. Read the full Etoro SB Limited review to know more about Etoro SB Limited. For more such reviews, visit our website at Lucenteq.

About Etoro SB Limited:

Although, at first, Etoro SB Limited seemed like a genuine website. After further investigation, all the red flags unfolded in front of us. Read on to know more about the red flags hoisted by Etoro SB Limited.

Is Etoro SB Limited regulated by any of the regulators?

Etoro SB Limited cleverly attempts to fool all the traders by claiming to be regulated by some of the most reputed regulators that operate around the world. IT also puts up license numbers on the website which is deceiving as when we checked with the regulations, the licenses did belong to eToro. However, a loophole here is that Etoro SB Limited is an exact clone firm of a regulated company that goes by the same name.  Etoro SB Limited has stolen all the license numbers of the original and regulated company and claimed it as their own.

Is Etoro SB Limited blacklisted?

The Financial Conduct Authority or the FCA of the UK (United Kingdom) has issued a warning against Etoro SB Limited claiming it to be a clone firm of an FCA authorized brokerage firm. The FCA further asks its citizens to be extremely cautious and away from Etoro SB Limited as it might be a scam.

Conclusion: Is Etoro SB Limited a scam?

We leave it upon you to decide whether you want to trade with Etoro SB Limited or not. However, we must warn you that Etoro SB Limited is a potential scam and it is not safe to trade with Etoro SB Limited.

How to protect yourself from such scams?

The trade industry is a risky place. To function in this industry, one must be cautious of their surroundings and the brokerage firms that they are dealing with. One way to avoid the scams is to read our scam broker reviews regularly so that you can identify one too. If you have been scammed by Etoro SB Limited scam or any such scam broker, file a complaint here and we will help you out.