Kapital Trade Website: https://kapital-trade.com/

Address: 134 Lots Rd 7th floor, SW10 0RJ, London, United Kingdom

Warned By: Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (Spain)

Introduction to Kapital Trade Review

If you have been trading in the industry for some time, we are sure you might have heard of scam brokers. Scam brokers enter the market stealthily and attempt to trap innocent victims in their deadly scams. With the promises of guaranteed profits and instant returns, they catch hold of their victims and make them deposit as much money as they can. Once the victim deposits all the cash, the scammer goes MIA (missing in action) without leaving any trace of its whereabouts or the company’s existence. This has happened and is happening to many innocent traders around the world. We, at Lucenteq, are working towards putting an end to this. By publishing scam brokers every day we are not only enabling our readers in protecting themselves from these brutal scams but we are also helping them in identifying the red flags posed by the scammers. Read the full Kapital Trade review to know more about it.

About Kapital Trade

Is Kapital Trade regulated?

Upon visiting their website, we realized that Kapital Trade has claimed to be located in London. To operate as a legitimate brokerage firm in the United Kingdom, the firm must have a license from the Financial Conduct Authority. Upon checking with the FCA, it was made clear to us that Kapital Trade does not have a license from the FCA. Therefore, it is clear that Kapital Trade is unregulated and is possibly lying about its location as well.

Is Kapital Trade blacklisted?

As it is clear that Kapital Trade is unregulated, we started checking with other regulations for any warnings issued or blacklisted. It was found that the Spanish National Securities Council, commonly known as the CNMV, has issued a warning against Kapital Trade and stated that the company is unregulated. It further warns its public to be cautious and avoid dealing with Kapital Trade. This is a huge red flag against the Kapital Trade scam in this Kapital Trade review.

What is the leverage provided by Kapital Trade?

By now, we are sure that Kapital Trade is hiding something. TO confirm our suspicions, Kapital Trade provides leverage of 1:500 to its clients. One must know that due to the risk associated with high leverages, many countries have set the limit of offering leverages at 1:30 and 1:50. In such a situation, Kapital Trade offering such high leverage clearly indicates that Kapital Trade wants its customers to lose.

What are the trading conditions at Kapital Trade?

Kapital Trade does not disclose its trading conditions to the general public. If we need to look at them, we must register ourselves. This is yet another red flag as basic information must be made public for everyone to see and assess.

Conclusion: Is Kapital Trade a scam broker or a legitimate one?

After going through all the red flags hoisted above, we leave it to you to decide whether Kapital Trade is a scam broker or not. We must warn you to beware of the illegal practices of Kapital Trade before putting in your money. If you have been scammed by Kapital Trade, file a complaint and we will help you.