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Address: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Warned By: Not Recommended by Lucenteq



XE is a famous converter app in the world and InvestEX smartly took over the name and misused it. InvestEX has founded in April 2020 and the broker’s owner is InvestEX LLC. They falsely claim that they are regulated by FSA (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines financial authority). But, the FSA of SVG does not regulate nor grant a license to forex brokers. SVG or the other Caribbean island is notoriously well-known for its lack of strict financial regulation. InvestEX is not in control of any known regulatory authority and is not bounded by law of the land of any other country. Since they are not in control of any regulatory authority they may vanish tomorrow and wreak heavy financial loss. Their phone numbers are +85230186918 (Hong Kong) and +447503003229 (United Kingdom). Their email address is Their website URL is In today’s InvestXE review, we will investigate and uncover the red flags they possess.


A disclaimer footnote on their website claims that they do not provide services to the USA and residents of SVG. It seems to be a suspicious thing, that they are not providing broker services to people in the country where they are registered !!! 


When you do an online search on the internet you will be redirected to InvestEX. The operating staff of InvestEX pretends they are working for EX which is a registered firm. InvestEX offers CFD trading on many assets like crypto, forex, shares, commodities, and market indices. Most of the public is re-directed to this site from get-rich-quick trading applications advertised on many cryptocurrency ads. 


Platforms provided by InvestEX


Platforms provided by InvestEX are, WebTrader, AndroidTrader, MarketPRO 1.0, iOSTrader, and TabletTrader. They do not provide popularly known trading platforms like MetaTrader4/MetaTrader5 which is a stable platform used by many legal and illegal brokers and is easy to use.


Though, InvestEX calls itself a crypto broker it also offers precious metals, energy commodities, and soft commodities and serves nearly 170 countries in the world with more than 100,000 clients.


On their website nowhere, they have mentioned their physical address. On the T&C page, they have mentioned they are a Bitcoin trading platform. You can open an account through cryptocurrency only. Crypto payment cannot be reversed hence it is the choice of scammers worldwide. Scammers do not prefer card payments. If the payment was through a card, you can file a chargeback within 540 days if you have any problem. Their initial deposit is also too high, compared to market standards.


Accounts on offer by InvestEX


The types of accounts available are Primary accounts consisting of Standard, Progression, and Advanced. It requires the lowest minimum deposit and is for inexperienced traders. Professional accounts are Gold, and Platinum which starts from 75,000 USD in bitcoin equivalent. There is an AutoEX account that is meant to be used by the trading robot. There is no demo account. If you are keen in trading with this broker, you will have to open a real account. The inactivity fee is costly and is nearly $50 per month. In case you are not active for a long duration, you will lose your balance quickly.


Automatic trading


You may also opt for automatic trading on this app. There is nothing like automatic trading. The brokers will push you only to deposit money. The trading software offers only web-based trading and is developed by the broker himself. Prices are manipulated by the broker. The leverage is 1:300 which is also not approved by any known regulators. For crypto pair, the leverage approved is 1:2


We are there to help you


If you have been scammed by InvestEX, we help you recover your funds. We use prominent methods to fund recovery for these types of scams. With all the scams, frauds, and deceptions present/flowing on the internet, you must be alert and smart before investing your hard-earned money. We are formed to protect people all over the globe against online scams. Especially binary options, crypto, and forex ones.


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