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Address: Location: Keilaranta 8, 02150 Espoo, Finland

Warned By: Not Recommended by Lucenteq

Malexenterprise Review: Introduction

Malex Enterprises are into cryptocurrency trading and forex trading. Their trading team is made up of analytical experts and highly qualified analysts. These experts use the latest software and are experienced and can predict the cryptocurrency market and movements in forex exchanges. It is another High yield investment (HYIP) program.

The HYIP is a fraudulent investment scheme that promises to deliver high returns with little or no risk and is mostly a scam. HYIP is mostly in cryptocurrencies. HYIPs are mostly unregistered ones and are run by unlicensed companies or firms. The present/current status is new. The domain was created on 28 June 2021. In today’s Malexenterprise review, we will investigate and uncover the red flags they possess.

The website claims that they are in the financial market for a long time. Malex Enterprises have occupied and achieved a stable position and have won the confidence of many investors/traders around the world. They aim to deliver professional service and complete in every sense.

They claim to be registered in Denmark. However, they are giving the address of Finland, Keilaranta 8, 02150 Espoo, Finland. Their email address is They are displaying ISO 9001:200 certification of registration issued by Moody International for a closing device for water drains and wells on road surfaces and pedestrian zones. The certificate on display was issued on 20 Dec. 2016, was way before they were formed.

Its website authoritative rank is 42.1that means this site is controversial, questionable, and flagged. Alexa rank is zero, which means no traffic.

Malexenterprise Review: Plans

They have two plans to choose from, the Investment plan and the mining plan.

Investment plans are of three types

  1. Starter (basic solution) – 10% daily for 3 days, the minimum amount is $100 and the maximum amount is $999.
  2. Professional (advance solution) – 10% daily for 5 days, the minimum amount is $1,000 and the maximum amount is $4,999.
  3. Enterprise (business solution) – 10% daily for 10 days, the minimum amount is $5,000 and the maximum amount is unlimited.

For all the above plans referral bonus is 10%

Mining plans are of two types

  1. Basic plan – 2.5% daily profit for a week, the minimum amount is $10,000 and the maximum amount is $49,999.
  2. Standard plan – 5% daily profit for 2 weeks, the minimum amount is $50,000 and the maximum amount is unlimited.

For both, the above plan’s referral bonus is 15%.

For any deposits or withdrawals, only crypto currency is used. One has options like Litecoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum.

 Cryptocurrencies you can deal with

One can deal in any crypto currencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Tether, USD Coin, Binance Coin, Cardano, Ripple, Solana, Dogecoin, HitChain, HEX, Polkadot, Wrapped Bitcoin, Tron, Avalanche, Dai, Litecoin, Polygon, Uniswap, Steller, Monero, Bitcoin Cash, Alrogrand, Cosmos, Tezos, Filecoin, and many more.

Testimonials are not updated, nor are investor reviews displayed on the site. On their site, one can calculate the profit returns on ROI.

To make any investment with Malex Enterprise, one has to become a member first. One receives the user name and a password once you sign up.

Malexenterprise Review: Why not deal with Malex Enterprises?

  • They are not transparent. Information about owners, directors, or key management personnel is not given anywhere on the site.
  • The address mentioned on site is Finland but they claim they are registered with Denmark.
  • There is no information on registration mentioned on their site.
  • No contact number is also mentioned on site.
  • Accepts deposits only through cryptocurrency where transactions are irreversible.
  • The website is developed in a disorganized, unsystematic, and careless way with many grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • They talk about only crypto trading returns and nothing of forex markets.
  • Unrealistic returns/gains/profit.
  • Alexa score is zero. WHOIS data is hidden. It has a low domain validation certificate.
  • There is no chargeback facility as there is no central authority and the flow of funds is not controlled.

Malexenterprise Review Conclusion: We are there to help you

We try to identify the company/individual who is using the wallet. It is a tricky and long process and we have a team for it. We are there to recover your funds. Do fill up the free consultation form.

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