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We reviewed Meta Utopia and its website. We do not recommend any trader/public to do any commerce with them. The reason, we hereby publish the Meta Utopia review.


Website domain of Meta Utopia was privately registered on 10th March 2022. The website does not provide any information about who owns or handles the company.

Most of the marketing is done in two languages namely Italian and Spanish. A maximum affiliate to Meta Utopia comes from Spain (48%) and Italy (36%). However, month-on-month affiliates are gradually declining.

A deleted Aruba and Latin American Facebook page claim Sam Lee as CEO behind Meta Utopia – My World. Sam Lee was co-founder of HyperTech and is on run from liquidators in Australia. HyperTech is an offshoot of thrice collapsed Hyper Ponzi schemes (Hyperverse, HyperFund, and HyperCapital). It is reported that Sam Lee is hiding from authorities in Dubai. If Sam Lee is behind Meta Utopia it means that the company is run from Dubai. Yet another possibility is that the company is run by Nicholas Coppola from Singapore. As his Instagram feed shows him enjoying himself with Sam Lee and his friends at Marina Bay, Singapore. This Instagram account has been deleted over the past few weeks.

Italian recruitment was on an exponential rise because of Nicholas Coppola’s involvement. Nicholas Coppola’s Facebook page is still active and it shows that he is based in Verona, Italy. When Italians cashed out the gullible Spanish investors lapped it up.

Meta Utopia products

Meta Utopia is a fraud MLM company. It claims it deals in crypto, but it has no retailable services or products. Their affiliates can only market affiliate membership itself.

Meta Utopia Plan

Affiliates invest Tether for LAND tokens. The investor is supposed to get 158.59% returns annually which will be paid in LAND tokens. Referral commission is paid as a percentage of invested Tether via a uni-level structure. Whenever a new affiliate joins, the older one shifts one level higher. Meta Utopia stops paying affiliate referral compensation once the affiliate reaches the tenth level. The compensation plan is at level 1 – 10%, 2nd level 8%, 3rd level 5%, fourth level 3% 5th to 7th level 2%, and 8th to 10th level 1%.

Joining affiliate membership

Joining Meta Utopia affiliate membership is FREE. But your membership is completed only if you pay 100 Tether or more which are accepted in LAND tokens. A 5% transaction fee is charged by Meta Utopia.


The Meta Utopia is simply an MLM company and is a crypto Ponzi scheme under the pretext of betting. They are highlighting an ROI of 158.59%. Instead of admitting it is a Ponzi scheme, they have copied “metaverse” marketing. The Ponzi scheme is just disguised as Metaverse.

The transaction of finance, in and out of Meta Utopia is only in form of LAND tokens. LAND is paid to affiliates as returns and commissions. LAND is just back-office monopoly money that does not exist. When the scheme will collapse the investors will be holding plenty of LAND tokens which will be worthless and useless. The majority of the investors,  today or tomorrow, will lose money. It does not matter who is running the scheme and from where. Whenever any MLM company is not transparent and clear about who the owner is, what are the products or services, or who is running the company thinks hard before investing in it.

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