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Warnings Against CoinTrade – Commissione Nazionale per le Società e la Borsa (Italy), National Securities Market Commission (Spain)

CoinTrade Address – 8 Copthall, Roseau Valley, 00152 Commonwealth of Dominica

We reviewed CoinTrade and their website. We do not recommend any trader/public to do any commerce with them. The reason, we hereby publish the CoinTrade review.


Brand is owned by Twingle Consulting Ltd. Formed in 2021, it has its headquarters in the Commonwealth of Dominica. Being based in the Commonwealth of Dominica it should have a license from FSU. These low-profile regulators do not oblige any company to have sufficient capital before starting their business. They also do not compensate funds. These companies do not follow MiFID or ESMA rules and regulations. They do not keep clients’ funds in a different segregated bank account.

From other sources, we got the address of CoinTrade. It is Chamber no 8, Roseau Valley, Copthall, Commonwealth of Dominica 00152. At this location, many companies operate. Seems all are frauds. StoxDC is one such company having the same official address.

FSU does not have any records of broker CoinTrade. CoinTrade on its site states that the company CoinTrade is governed by the laws of Estonia. Very absurd.

SVG, Marshall Islands, Dominica, etc., and a few other countries in that region are notorious for hosting illegal and dishonest brokers. These countries do not ensure that the company operating from their land is regulated or not. Many do not give licenses for forex trading from their country but still, fraud companies involved in forex trading are operating from their land.

When many clients complained to CONSOB, the Italian regulatory authority, about CoinTrade frauds, they blacklisted on 20th Dec. 2021. Clients should immediately report to the concerned regulations in their jurisdiction. The clients’ should write their reviews on as many sites as possible.

Countries CoinTrade operates in

According to present reports, CoinTrade operates in Italy, Spain, Germany, Turkey, and Albania. The scam brokers try to avoid high-profile countries like the USA, the UK, Cyprus, etc. as they will be exposed within a short time and the rules are very strict.

For service assistance

For any questions regarding the company’s services, one can contact them by filling up the form and submitting it. For the support center, one can email at:, for trading platform, and for the compliance office, one can email at: Nowhere on the website, they have mentioned their landline or/and mobile number. No physical location address is given on the website.

The website claims they are empowering traders by providing them with a secure trading environment, transparent trading conditions, the latest technology, and high trading standards.

Account types

CoinTrade offers three trading accounts. Starter (Minimum deposit $250), Premium (Minimum deposit $2,500), and Business (Minimum deposit $25,000).

Bonus offers a welcoming bonus of 10 to 20% for beginner traders only. CoinTrade offers a 15 to 20% bonus each time you refer a friend. CoinTrade offers a 15 to 30% bonus as Transfer Funds Bonus. That is if you transfer your funds from another company to CoinTrade.


CoinTrade platform operates on WebTrader software. Most of the brokers nowadays are on MetaTrader 4 or MT5. MetaTrader has many advantages over Web Trader and has more features. MT4/MT5 are reputed software. You cannot install any app on a desktop. Everything is through the web and that is not secure by default.


CoinTrader website claims there are thousands of trading instruments available. But we found only a few asset classes available. They are currency pairs, indices, commodities, and shares.

False claims by CoinTrader is in the business since 2021. It claims to have traded and deposited funds crossing $170 trillion. At present, they claim to have executed 40 million orders. They have 139 thousand active users. All these data are false. Are all these achievements possible in an initial single year of operation?

As with many scam companies, there is a funds withdrawal problem. The conditions for withdrawal are linked to bonuses offered. And the terms and conditions are such that they do not allow withdrawal.

Reach out to us for help

You can hire our services for a chargeback? These scammers are from different countries. This creates jurisdiction issues for the police. If there are many scam reports with the police they pass the case to international investigating agencies. We are in touch with lawyers/defenses of many jurisdictions and that makes work easy.

In case you are the victim of a CoinTrade broker scam or any other scam, do contact Lucenteq. We help you pull through your funds lost to scam. For any queries, you can contact us at 192 N Cities Service Hwy APT 6, Sulphur, LA 70663, call us at +1 601 952 8830, or email us at You can also file a complaint and send us.

We regularly update the forex and cryptocurrency scammer’s list. Do read to gain enhanced knowledge and avoid joining scam companies/brokers. Prevention is better than cure.