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Warnings Against Swift Trade FX – Not Recommended By Review Website Like Lucenteq

Swift Trade FX Address – Ben Davis Rd, Dallas 75040 USA

A general Swift Trade FX review reveals many other scams are centered around the fraudulent website, and most of them have the same footprint.

Some common traits among all these sites are that they promise to make money in forex trading, cryptocurrency trading, binary options trading, etc. Many of them have the same plan that they will reward you with ample daily returns.

These types of websites claim they are run by a legitimate company, that is registered and licensed by the government authority. They request you to deposit some amount initially and wait for bumper returns. But you never get money.

Few companies are licensed and are regulated by a low-profile regulating authority. The low-profile regulators are not too strict, and any company can get registered with minimum requirements. There are many companies/firms few of them are mentioned here. Pari FX Trade, AnyTrades, Forex Birds, TradeKing, Royaltd24, Uniglobe Markets, OlympusMarkets, GoldenSkyCapital, Capital TraderFX, Swiss Investment FX, EssenseFX, SmartFX, TopTradePro, Just ProForex, JustForex, Concept4x, TradeKing, FX Premium, Go Capital FX, GoTechFx, Videforex, Capital88, GoldFxTrading, AMarkets, AAG Markets, Globalfx, RCM FX, CobraCFD, LionFM, Binomo, 4xincome, Monfx, CVC Markets, Traderia, FXPrime, RickGlobal, FTE FX, TradersWay, Arum Trades, Uptos, Europe Forex Invest, Premium Brokers, Titan FX, Finq, PrimeXBT, FX NextGen, Spectre, etc. the list is endless.

There are many companies/firms, which even do not have a license or are regulated but are still operating in the country. Few of them are mentioned here. Royal GTX, Libra Markets, FxFixed MetaFinanceTrade, Smartoptionsfx, FX Option Trade 247, EvisionFX, iFXoptions, WDC Markets, StarkMarkets, 247SmartFX, Sure Forex Trade, MidasGlobe, FirstBTC FX, TBFX, Circleforex, S&P Broker, MGM Markets, Ultrontradefx, Aduno Capital, FX Options24, FXIG Trades, Calibur, InvestTeck, Kronosinvest, Swissquotes, FernFX, Blackstone500, Elite Trading, RoyalsFX, CFreserve, Capital GMA, etc. The list is infinite.

Apart from these, there are many clone companies/firms/brokers. Clone companies look like the original ones of reputed and famous companies with a very small difference that is hardly noticeable till you observe very carefully. All these brokers should be avoided at any cost.

Forex and crypto trading are very risky. Only those who are experienced should dive into these markets. It is not for a newbie trader/investor.

How does the scam work?

At SwiftTradeFX the staff members will try to convince you to start with a small and negligible amount. And that you will make 10% or even 100% per month. New and greedy traders fall for this ploy. You can see your profits grow on their fake site. They will invite you to deposit more and more to earn more profits. The scammers prefer you deposit via cryptocurrency, as the transaction is irreversible, cannot be challenged, and there is anonymity involved.

The game starts when you request a withdrawal. First, they will say you will have to deposit taxes or some kind of fee, upfront to start the withdrawal process. They will intentionally delay your withdrawal process so that you cannot file a chargeback. Then you start losing trades. Ultimately, your trading balance will be zero. At this point, probably you will recognize the broker is a scammer, and it will be too late.

We are there to help you.

Why you should hire our services for a chargeback? These scammers are scattered in different countries. This creates jurisdiction issues for local police. If there are many scam reports they pass the case to Europol, Interpol, or investigating agencies. We are in touch with lawyers/defense of many jurisdictions and that helps speed up work.

In case you are the victim of a Swift Trade FX scam or any other broker, contact us. We help you recover your funds lost to scam. For any queries, you can contact us at 192 N Cities Service Hwy APT 6, Sulphur, LA 70663, call us at +1 601 952 8830, or email us at support@Lucenteq.net. You can also file a quick complaint and send us.

We constantly update the forex and cryptocurrency scammer’s list. Do read to gain enhanced knowledge and avoid joining scam companies/brokers.